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Product Code: CA3220

Price: $250.00 USD

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Duration: 1 Hour

In this session, we will guide you through the features and functionalities of PriceTag, empowering you to efficiently generate compliant and professional labels for your food items.

Here's an outline of what we'll cover in this training:

  1. Introduction to CardExchange® PriceTag:

    • Overview of PriceTag and its role in food labeling.
    • Understanding the importance of accurate and compliant food labeling.
  2. Installation and Setup:

    • Step-by-step instructions for installing PriceTag on your computer.
    • Configuration of software settings and preferences.
  3. Label Design and Customization:

    • Exploring the label design interface and tools.
    • Creating custom label templates tailored to your specific requirements.
    • Incorporating dynamic data fields, images, barcodes, and other elements into your labels.
  4. Printing and Output:

    • Configuring print settings for optimal label output.
    • Printing single labels, batch labels, or continuous label rolls.
    • Utilizing advanced printing features for efficiency and accuracy.

By the end of this training session, you will have the knowledge and skills to effectively use CardExchange® PriceTag to create compliant, professional labels for your food products.