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Powerful Desktop Print Solutions

CardExchange® Producer boasts an impressive lineup of 5 powerful desktop editions. Whether you're an individual seeking entry-level functionality, a mid-sized business aiming for enhanced features, a large organization with complex requirements, or an enterprise requiring high-volume production capabilities, CardExchange® Producer has the perfect solution tailored just for you. With its comprehensive range of desktop editions, CardExchange Producer offers a seamless and powerful experience at every step of the way.

If you're unsure which edition is best for you, feel free to reach out to our sales team for personalized assistance and recommendations based on your specific needs.

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Application Features
Features GO Premium Professional Business Enterprise
Multiple Languages
Various Card Sizes CR-80 All Sizes All Sizes All Sizes All Sizes
Create Card Templates 5 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Card Template Manager
Template Migration Tool
Sample Card Templates
Step-by-Step Card Design Wizard
Manual Data Entries
Import and Export Card Templates
Grouping of Templates -
Automate Manual Insert Actions -
Unlimited Layouts per Template - -
Network License Available (SBS) - - -
Application Type Desktop Desktop Desktop Desktop Desktop
OS Support Windows Windows Windows Windows Windows
Designer Features
Features GO Premium Professional Business Enterprise
Enhanced Properties for Text, Image, and Drawing Objects
Content Allignment Tools
Border Object Features
Image Opacity Masking
Resize Font to Fit Feature
1D Barcodes
Drag and Drop Database Fields on Layout
Background Removal -
2D Barcodes -
Export Card Preview as Image -
Customize with Python Scripting Language - - -
External Plugin Support - - - -
Camera, Photo, and Scanner Features
Features GO Premium Professional Business Enterprise
Directshow Webcam Support
Image Tools Editor
Twain Image Aquisition
Canon Camera Support
Advanced Photo Options -
Signature Capture Support -
Advanced Signature Options -
Automatic Face Recognition / Face Crop - -
Printing Features
Features GO Premium Professional Business Enterprise
Print to Windows Printers
Single and Double Sided Printing
Batch Printing -
UV Panel Printing -
Windows Print Manager -
Print Production Reports -
Autoprint Server - -
Network Printing Support - - -
Database Features
Features GO Premium Professional Business Enterprise
Internal Database 200 Records Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
MS Excel Connectivity (all Office versions) -
CSV and Text DB Connectivity -
Paradox Connectivity -
MS Access Connectivity (all Office versions) -
SQLite Database Connectivity -
MS SQL Server Connectivity (native) - -
Oracle Connectivity (native) - -
MySQL Connectivity (native) - -
DB2 Connectivity (native) - -
PostgreSQL Connectivity (native) - -
ODBC Connectivity - -
Multiple Database Server Connections (Push/Pull) - -
Active Directory Read and Write (LDAP) - - - -
Data Management Features
Features GO Premium Professional Business Enterprise
Database Record Edit Window
Record Column Filtering and Sorting
Store Photos in Database
Add, Update, and Delete Database Records
Store Signatures and Images in Database -
Automate Inserting Records -
Store Global Counters in Database -
Create Database Filter per Template (Level 1) -
Create Selectable Record Filters (Level 2) - 5 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Live Database Record Filter (Level 3) -
Database Column Management (Visible, Editable) -
Advanced Primary Key, Insert, and Update Options - -
Create Internal Views (Queries) - -
Store Data in Multiple Database - -
Set Column Requirements for Inserting, Updating, Printing - -
Customize Database Record Layout and Field Labels - -
Security Features
Features GO Premium Professional Business Enterprise
Login Feature -
Create User Profiles with Permissions -
Temporary Block Users -
Customize Interface per User -
Hide Database Access per User -
Create User Groups - -
Create User Group Profiles with Permissions - -
Assign and Remove Users To and From Group(s) - -
Customize Interface per Group - -
Hide Database Access per Group - -
Inline Encoding Features
Features GO Premium Professional Business Enterprise
Magnetic Encoding
HID® Proximity Encoding - - -
MIFARE® Setup Wizard - - -
MIFARE® Classic 1K and 4K - - -
MIFARE® DESFire EV1, EV2, EV3 - - - -
MIFARE® SAM AV2 - - - -
Other Features and Plugin Support
Features GO Premium Professional Business Enterprise
ID Scanner Support - - - -
Fingerprint Scanner Support - - - -
Paxton Access Controll (3rd Party Integration) - - - - PLUGIN
Contact Card Encoding - - - - PLUGIN
MIFARE® UltraLight - - - - PLUGIN
iClass Reading - - - - PLUGIN