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Product Code: CP1080N

Price: $120.00 USD

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The CardExchange® Producer NETWORK Print Server Edition offers a comprehensive solution for automatic batch printing and secure encoding over your network. With AES encrypted protocol, data transmission remains secure within your network environment, ensuring confidentiality.

By integrating the Print Server with the Print Client or Dispatcher, you can establish a streamlined print farm setup, enabling efficient batch printing across multiple printers. The Print Server collects print jobs locally and executes them as printers become available, eliminating the need to wait for all jobs to complete before continuing with other tasks.

Each ID card printer requires one CardExchange® Producer NETWORK Print Server, and there are virtually no limitations on the number of Print Servers you can utilize. However, it's recommended not to exceed four Print Servers per computer, especially when using inline encoding.

Furthermore, the Print Server offers flexibility by allowing adjustments to printer settings and card templates, ensuring optimal print quality and alignment based on each printer's specifications. With the Print Server Edition, you can enhance productivity and streamline your card issuance processes effectively.

Combines with CardExchange® Producer NETWORK Business and NETWORK Enterprise

  • Windows Printer Control
  • Central, de-central Printing
  • Manage Print Jobs
  • Advanced Error Handling


  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Windows 10 and 11
  • Windows Server 2003, 2005, 2008 R2, 2012, 2016, 2019, 2022
  • Citrix and Terminal Systems
  • Virtual Machines
  • Operatings systems running at 32 bit and 64 bit
  • Internet Explorer 6 or highe
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.
  • Dual Core Processor
  • 1024 MB internal memory (advice 32 bit OS)
  • 2048 MB internal memory (advice 64 bit OS)
  • 200 MB free disk space
  • Internet connection (license activation)